The author of this war game has permission to proceed as of February 13th, 2016. - Nate


XCOM - The humans


  1. Rookie - All human players start as this, no special abilities. Starting gear is Assault Rifle, Pistol and Grenade.
  2. Squaddie - Once leveled up, humans get an increase in rank, this allows them to specialize into one of the four main roles. They gain a special ability here and a class specific weapon.
    • Heavy - This role trades in mobility for damage and toughness. With the right enhancements this role can be a high damage unit.
    • Sniper - This role travels light and thus has improved mobility, however it cannot move and shoot in the same turn. It's increased damage and range over most of the other roles more than makes up for this.
    • Assault - The only role that can perform 3 actions in one turn, the special ability of this role allows it to move twice and shoot. It's agile and usually equipped with a shotgun. It can be dangerous to run in too far though.
    • Support - Similar to the Assault role in the fact it has a choice of Shotgun or Assault rifle as a weapon, the support is a useful role when the humans are close together, deploying a smoke grenade to provide coverage, and later on the improved medkit usage.

Aliens - The Aliens


  1. Sectoids - All Alien players start as these, they have small plasma blasters but are extremely weak - the aliens usually outnumber the humans when these are the only alien unit.
  2. Thin Men - A tall slender alien, genetically modified to look like a human, they usually carry a plasma pistol, and have the ability to spit poison from a gland in their neck.
  3. Floater - These Aliens have been modified with machinery in cruel torturous surgery, they have a certain insatiable anger, but have been conditioned to attack humans over the ones who submitted them to this pain and suffering. They have no legs, so have been fitted with a jetpack which offers them unparalleled movement.