Potential Trolls

  • Donut22 - Added by Catherine on 13/2/2016 - Offense Report added by TheRoyalNate
    • Claimed an administrator on Nukapedia was their "boyfriend", expressed borderline stalking behavior, and defied / trolled the admins twice. A kick was used, but not a ban. The user returned and claimed they were sorry. Only reason for no addition to "Proven Trolls" is the fact that a ban was not enacted. Recommended ban for any further offense is a one-day ban off of the mainspace, three-day ban off of the chatroom.

Proven Trolls


  • Mr Roboto Soup - Added by Catherine on 25/1/2016 - Archived on 13/2/2016
    • Is a sock puppet account to "JoeBlogs234"
    • Was being disruptive because main account was banned.